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Kunal Balsara

Mohammad Akram

Akram is heading the business developmentĀ and marketing functions of Viands. He is responsible for newĀ clientĀ acquisition and working with existing clients to expand businessĀ opportunities.

His day-to-day activity is to make sure that ourĀ clients are happy andĀ their cafeterias are always full of fresh and delicious food. His primary
role also includes caterers evaluation to build and maintain the pool forĀ businesses to choose from.

With over 12+ years experience in Sales, he is able to connect with customerā€™s need to understand them better.
A Pune born foodie, which gives him a striking balance to understand the market and food well. He believes theĀ strength of any business is
customer delight and he goes an extra mile to makeĀ that happen here at Viands!


Customer Service